About Us

Hello, we are Indikon.

One of the oldest dyes used for the colouring and printing of textiles, indigo has connected and inspired artisans since antiquity. As India was the primary supplier of indigo to Europe, the ancient Greeks referred to it as "indikon", literally meaning "from India". At Indikon, we celebrate this ancient ancient relationship - the confluence of two cultures and traditions - and pour its rich history and stories into our textiles to bring inspiring pieces of art to life. 

Who we are

Radhika And Manju
Radhika And Manju
Radhika And Manju

We are a mother-daughter duo based in India and Belgium, and Indikon is the manifestation of our love for textiles. Indikon is a reflection of our lives, travels, and the cultures that we have been inspired by. Culminating over several years of scouting, travelling, and handpicking intricate designs from around the world, Indikon is our ode to the old-world charm of creating something by hand - with passion, mindfulness and care.

What we do

Using textiles as a canvas to weave timeless tales, Indikon explores the delicate intricacies of communities, artisans and traditions from around the world. All of these culminate in a new-age perspective, resulting in handcrafted fabrics for you and your home. Indikon champions the power of design to knit the social and economic fabric of the world closer. 

Telling the untold stories of the artisans and their craft, Indikon is a curation of intriguing tales of art and craftsmanship. Using designs that are traditionally part of one culture and combining them with craft techniques of another, Indikon is a modern take on ancient relationships. Today, we are proud to present our first collection that perfectly encapsulates and blends Indian techniques with Greek aesthetics.