Alexandra Colmenares Cossio

Based out of Brussels, Belgium, Alexandra has been photographing our textiles right from when we started developing our first collection. With a keen eye for detail, she helps bring the Indikon story to life.

Born and raised in Lima, Peru, this trained contemporary dancer has always had a passion for the arts. A professional photographer for the past ten years, her biggest inspiration is nature. What draws her most to photography is to discover things that have been overlooked or unnoticed. Alexandra loves the entire creative process behind her photography, and particularly likes to play with light and shadow in her work. Music is an an integral part of her photo shoots, with different playlists to reflect her different styles.

When not behind the lens, you can find her in the forest or hula hooping.

You can discover more of her work here.

Manvi Gupta
Textile Designer

An established textile designer from India's crafts hub, Jaipur, Manvi draws her inspiration from nature. Her design style is intricate with a touch of modernity and classic sensibility. 

An important keg in our entire design process, she has been a part of Indikon since its inception and has helped develop and create several designs. Manvi’s design philosophy and visual aesthetics resonate perfectly with Indikon, and her creativity lies in the way she plays with the designs and colours in different ways. By bringing her unique skill and perspective to the table, she offers Indikon a fresh edge.

Serena Valguarnera

One of Indikon's most recent collaborations has been with Serena, an illustrator based out of Friuli-Venezia Giulia in northern Italy. Serena started out as a hairdresser, but has always loved drawing since she was a child. Initially self-taught, she was taken under the wings of Piazza Francesco, an old artist who taught her about the techniques and history of art.

Almost always carrying around a pencil and paper, Serena has now become a full-time illustrator and draws inspiration from the life and people around her. She loves meeting new people and being exposed to different cultures, which is what drew her to collaborating with Indikon. Through her art, Serena helps bring all the different elements of Indikon together.

Not only an avid illustrator, Serena also enjoys sewing, bricolage, and loves taking care of her vegetable garden.

You can follow more of her work here.