Block Makers

Abdul Kuddus and Abdul Kayyum
Block Makers

One of the oldest forms of printing patterns on textiles, block printing is said to have originated in China. The process involves stamping fabrics with colour-dipped and hand-carved wooden blocks. Today, this art of printing on fabric is practised in many parts of India.

The block makers traditionally carve the designs and patterns onto pieces of teak wood using chisels and hammers. These elaborate blocks are then used by block printers to stamp designs on fabrics.

Tucked away in the by-lanes of the old city of Jaipur, is the house and workshop of master block maker Abdul Kuddus. An award-winning artist, Abdul Kuddus is a seventh-generation block maker. His compact but airy workspace is shared with his son Abdul Kayyum, who, like his father, learnt the art of hand carving patterns into teak wood blocks at a young age.

Abdul Kuddus
Abdul Kayyum

The father-son team is the first to work with our designs. By meticulously hand carving our designs into wood, they initiate the process of block printing.