Block Printer

Khushiram Pandey and his team
Block Printers

Once our Indikon designs are chiselled onto wooden blocks, they are left to soak in oil for two weeks. This strengthens the wood and makes it more susceptible to picking the colours for block printing.


Our Partners, Khushiram Pandey and his team then painstakingly carry out the process of block printing. Based out of Sanganer in Rajasthan, Khushiram is a fifth generation block printer. He creates his masterpieces not only by seeking guidance from his father who is an award-winning block printer himself, but also by virtue of his training at the Indian Institute of Craft and Design (IICD), Jaipur. Khushiram and his team of artisans diligently bring our designs to life.

The azo-free dyes are first hand-blended and poured over wooden trays. The wooden blocks are then dipped into these trays of dyes and carefully stamped by hand on bales of cloth, one textile at a time. Finally, these textiles are washed, stitched and finished by Khushiram’s stitching unit. This way, your Indikon textiles are handcrafted by several talented artisans before they reach you.