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Our Team

Our Team


Radhika Singh

A former lawyer who was always inspired by India’s traditional handmade textiles, moved to Brussels in 2015 to be with her Belgian-Greek husband. Radhika founded Indikon in 2021 and it embodies her story of living between different cultures, honouring Indian craft and craftsmanship while exploring Greek traditions through design.



Alexandra Colmenares Cossio 

Born and raised in Lima, Peru, this trained contemporary dancer has always had a passion for the arts. A professional photographer for the past ten years, she photographed our textiles when we started developing our first collection. With a keen eye for detail, she helps bring the Indikon story to life.

Textile Designer 

Manvi Gupta

An established textile designer from Jaipur, India’s crafts hub, Manvi draws her inspiration from nature and architecture. With a design style that blends perfectly the modern and classic, she has been a part of Indikon since its inception and has helped develop and create several designs.


Serena Valguarnera 

An illustrator based out of Italy, Serena loves meeting new people and being exposed to different cultures, which is what drew her to collaborating with Indikon. Through her art, Serena helps bring all the different elements of Indikon together.

Come visit our studio

Indikon was born out of our love for hand made textiles and the stories that they tell.

Based out of Brussels, we are happy to welcome you to our studio and share our journey with you. Drop by for some chai, conversation and a personalised shopping experience.